About Orbis Pictus - Auckland Videography & Photography | ORBIS PICTUS

Orbis Pictus is media oriented company based in Auckland focused on videography and photography production for social media and websites. Orbis Pictus is small family business owned and operated by David as a media producer ( photographer & videographer ) and editor and Marcela who makes all business processes run smoothly. 

Orbis Pictus services include:

Photography & Videography

- Events, Personal, Corporate

- Real Estate

- Drone Aerial

- Portraiture

- Interviews

- Products 

- Short Films & Storytelling

- Professional Representation

- Content Ideas

- Social Media Placements.

Orbis Pictus is all about people and relationships. We love hearing our clients story and how they got to where they are today. Whether it is a business owner looking to grow, or a special event, we want to help. At Orbis Pictus it is our goal to create beautiful photo & videography to help get our clients message heard. Our passion is telling our clients story in the most authentic and powerful way possible. Whether they are a large or small business, a non profit or anything in between, we'll help get their message told. Whatever that message is, whatever their story is about, we will be there to help them tell it beautifully.

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